Fey Mouse is the story of a large and clumsy cat born into a family of highly talented mice. It’s a story about acceptance and coping successfully with being different.

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Australian vintage gem of children’s book literature now available for iPad, iPad mini and iPhone

We have initiated a new exciting project where we search around Australia and look for forgotten or out-of-print vintage gems of Australian children literature. We breath new life in them by making them accessible on the iPad and iPhone at an incredible price.

Original illustrations digitally restored and retina display ready

We carefully restore the vibrance of faded out colors using digital post-processing putting the utmost care into transporting elegantly every brushstroke to digital; finally, we package everything in a gorgeous BookApp that is ready to be enjoyed in full retina resolution on the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone.

Listen to the story through the voice of its author Hazel Edwards

We ask the authors to read their stories for you so that you can enjoy this classic in a way that is unique and exactly as it was meant to be.

A young reader emailed saying she wanted to be a ‘feymouse (famous) Arthur (author) ‘ when she grew up. So, I created a large and clumsy cat born into a highly talented family of mice. ‘Fey’ is an old style word which means quirky or unusual. And the unfortunate cult of the ‘celeb’ , of being famous for being famous, rather than solving a problem for others, has always intrigued me. ‘Fey’ is all of us. We can identify with gentle clumsiness and good intentions. Hazel Edwards

Available for all Apple platforms at a tiny price

Illustrated by Kilmeny Niland and written by Hazel Edards, two amongst the most loved Australian authors of children's books, Fey Mouse is an enchanting picture book.

This is a unique opportunity to re-discover this Australian classic story at an incredible price and appreciate its beauty and contemporary message like never before.